Identity & Access Management

Reduce the risk and meet regulatory compliance by ensuring right access is provided to the right identities.

Sunrise Technologies is the leading Identity & Access Management vendor-independent services provider in the region as we carry more than 7 years of experience in providing Identity & Access Management solutions based on a variety of cross vendor products and technologies. Sunrise respect to customer needs not to get locked in to a single vendor or proprietary solution. It offers the highest return on your investments with improved security, lower administrative costs, high scalability, and the backing of an industry leader.

Sunrise Technologies professional services enable customers to efficiently comply with regulatory requirements, secure critical application and sensitive data, and lower operational costs. By using vendor-independent services of identity and access management solutions, enterprises can manage the entire user identity life cycle across all enterprise resources-both within and beyond the firewall.

Sunrise offers a comprehensive portfolio of Identity & Access Management solutions:-


Sunrise delivers automated and codeless provisioning of user identities, role assignment, group memberships and access privileges – at a fraction of the cost and complexity of traditional IAM frameworks. With Sunrise, ongoing provisioning tasks are based on your business requirements, not the limitations of traditional, hard-coded IAM technologies.

  • Improve efficiency through automated, codeless enterprise provisioning. Reduce administrative costs by providing self-service to end users and line-of-business personnel for ongoing provisioning and other administrative tasks.
  • Enhance security by strictly enforcing policies, eliminating unregulated access, deactivating user accounts quickly and ensuring provisioning accuracy based on business and organizational needs, not technology or staff availability.
  • Achieve compliance by securing access based on roles, rules and policies as well as de-provisioning accounts in a timely manner.

Single Sign-on

Sunrise is the only solution set to offer the full spectrum of single sign-on (SSO) – from “true” SSO to enterprise SSO – for all systems, applications and databases in your mixed-platform environment. Single sign-on through Sunrise enables you to:-

  • Improve efficiency by reducing the number of identities (and thus logins) required for user access and automating logins for heterogeneous systems across the enterprise.
  • Enhance security by establishing a single, secure login standard, eliminating non-secure user practices and controlling access based on uniform policy and authentication methods.
  • Achieve compliance by basing access to all systems on established policies and audited practices, elevating less-secure systems to more compliant authentication levels and using logins to enforce segregation of duties.

Role Management

Sunrise provides an optimized structure to automate your enterprise role-management needs. You can granularly define and administer roles – including the ability to attach business-driven access control, policy, workflows and approvals to roles.

  • Efficiency is improved by unifying roles and automating role lifecycle management, including role mining, identity administration and business-driven identity intelligence.
  • Security is enhanced by controlling enterprise access based on unified identities and identity intelligence. Roles are implemented with a business focus.
  • Compliance is achieved with role-based access control (RBAC) and separation of duties, as well as 360-degree visibility into role structures and their impact on operations and security.

Identity Intelligence

The identity intelligence capabilities Sunrise enable you to consolidate all roles, actions, policies, rights and resources into a single, easy-to-manage and infinitely flexible identity and access management (IAM) structure. Whether starting from scratch or filling functionality gaps in an existing IAM framework, Sunrise dynamically adjusts as your needs and systems evolve. Identity intelligence provides you with extensive control and a clear view of all IAM components, so you can make sound decisions based on data, reducing risk.

  • You’ll achieve compliance by satisfying rules and regulations, aligning compliance to them and giving business stakeholders a comprehensive and clear view of how their actions impact compliance, operations and security.
  • Identity intelligence also enhances security by leveraging a unified and dynamic IAM model to apply identities, roles and policies consistently across the enterprise.
  • Finally, you’ll improve IT efficiency by unifying IAM components (identities, roles, policies, workflows, approvals, etc.) and implementing and adjusting IAM based on your evolving business needs.

Password Management

Sunrise addresses your toughest password management issues, such as the high cost of password resets, inconsistency of password policy across platforms and applications, and the end-user problem of memorizing multiple, disparate passwords. Now you can meet your password management objectives cost-effectively and securely – without additional infrastructure.

  • Improve efficiency by unifying identities to reduce the number of passwords users must remember. Reduce the burden on IT by empowering users to reset their own passwords as well as employing tools and practices that make password management more cost-effective.
  • Enhance security by eliminating non-secure login practices and weak passwords in favor of the built-in security of Active Directory. Establish and enforce a consistent and strong enterprise password policy as well as strengthen password-based authentication with a second factor.
  • Achieve compliance by implementing access control, separation of duties and secure policy on all password-based logins. Provide a complete audit trail of policy and activities, as well as eliminate non-compliant login practices.